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Effects of Initial Temperature on the Performances of Free Piston Linear Generator [会议论文]Zeng, Dequan; Zhang, Chi; Guo, Shuai; Zhao, Fei; Chen, Jinhua, et al.2016
Study on Breakdown Voltage and Minimum Ignition Energy of Sparking System for Free-Piston Linear Generator [会议论文]Zeng, Dequan; Zhang, Chi; Gu, Shuai; Sun, Peng; Zhao, Fei, et al.2016
DC Bus Voltage Control of a Free-Piston Linear Generator [会议论文]Mao, Lianlian; Zhang, Chi; Gao, Yanxia; Sun, Peng; Chen, Jinhua, et al.2016
Fault Recovery Control Strategy of a Two-Stroke Free-Piston Linear Generator [会议论文]Sun, Peng; Zhang, Chi; Mao, Lianlian; Zeng, Dequan; Zhao, Fei, et al.2016
Cartesian Admittance Control with On-line Gravity and Friction Observer Compensation for Elastic Joint Robots [会议论文]Ye, Yanlei; Chen, Chin-Yin; Li, Peng; Yang, Guilin; Zhu, Chang-an2016
Design and Dynamic Response Analysis of A Flexure-Based Nano-positioning System [会议论文]Wu, Dingbing; Zhang, Chi; Yang, Aolei; Yang, Guilin; Dong, Liang, et al.2016
Passivity-based Elastic Joint Robot Control with On-line Gravity Compensation [会议论文]Ye, Yanlei; Chen, Chin-Yin; Li, Peng; Yang, Guilin; Zhu, Chang-an, et al.2016
New Insights into the Research on the Fiber Optical Monitoring Instruments [会议论文]Li, Yu-tong; Liu, Peng-hui; Xia, Yu-qing2016
Eye Movement Correction for 3D OCT Volume by using Saliency and Center Bias Constraint [会议论文]Fu, Huazhu; Xu, Yanwu; Wong, Damon Wing Kee; Liu, Jiang2016
Improvement on the Si/PEDOT:PSS hybrid solar cells by rear-sided passivation with SiNx:H layers [会议论文]Sun, Yiling; Ye, Jichun; Gao, Pingqi; Xiang, Yong2016
Calibration of Industry Robots with Consideration of Loading Effects Using Product-Of-Exponential (POE) and Gaussian Process (GP) [会议论文]Jing, Wei; Tao, Pey Yuen; Yang, Guilin; Shimada, Kenji2016
NMOS Logic Inverters Based on Threshold Voltage-Tunable IGZO Transistors [会议论文]Liang, L. Y.; Yu, J. J.; Wang, M.; Cao, H. T.2016
Influence of Thermal Deformation on Exchange Bias in FeGa/IrMn Bilayers Grown on Flexible Polyvinylidene Fluoride Membranes [会议论文]Zhang, Yao; Zhan, Qingfeng; Rong, Xin; Li, Huihui; Zuo, Zhenghu, et al.2016
Coupling Thermodynamics Modeling and Analysis of a Free Piston Linear Generator Range-extender for HEVs [会议论文]Sun, Peng; Zhang, Chi; Mao, Lianlian; Zeng, Dequan; Zhao, Fei, et al.2016
AQUIR - A System to Generate Quantitative and Customized Vision Measurement Template [会议论文]Quan, Ying; Lee, Beng-Hai; Yow, Ai Ping; Zhang, Zhuo; Wong, Damon Wing Kee, et al.2016
An Improved FastSLAM Using Resmapling Based on Particle Swarm Optimization [会议论文]Chang, Hao; Yang, Wei; Zhang, Huijuan; Yang, Xing; Chen, Chin-Yin2016
Research status and development of laser shock peening [会议论文]Xu, Yujie; Du, Zhenying; Ruan, Liang; Zhang, Wenwu2016
Kinematic Design of a 3-DOF Force-controlled End-effector Module [会议论文]Ma, Kaichao; Yang, Guilin2016
Advanced Optoelectronic Simulations for Ultrathin Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells with Rationally Designed Nanopatternings [会议论文]Yang, Zhenhai; Gao, Pingqi; He, Jian; Zhou, Suqiong; Ye, Jichun2016
Design and comparison of three-type VCMs for Nano-positioning system [会议论文]Dong, Liang; Chen, Jinhua; Zhang, Chi; Wu, Dingbing; Yu, Guangwei, et al.2016


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