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Thesis Advisor宋伟杰
Degree Grantor中国科学院研究生院
Place of Conferral北京
Keyword溶胶-凝胶法 光伏玻璃 单层减反射膜 双层减反射膜
Abstract世界范围内的能源紧张和环保压力极大地促进了人们对太阳能光伏技术的研究, 提高太阳能电池效率和降低成本成为当前人们研究的热点。太阳能电池表面的光伏玻 璃的折射率约1.52,对太阳光存在约8%的反射损失。通过在光伏玻璃表面涂覆减反 射膜可以有效的减少这部分反射损失,提高太阳能电池的输出功率,具有重要的研究 意义和经济价值。 本文从光学薄膜理论设计出发,研究了光伏玻璃表面单层和双层减反射膜的最佳 膜系参数,并在此基础上通过sol-gel 法成功制备出多孔SiO2 减反射膜、具有高膜基 结合力的SiO2 减反射膜以及SiO2/TiO2 双层减反射膜。 论文主要研究成果如下: 1. 以结合了AM1.5 太阳光光谱分布和硅太阳能电池量子效率的平均透过率Tph 作为评价标准,研究获得了理想单层减反射膜、具有高膜基结合力的SiO2 单层减反 射膜以及SiO2/TiO2 双层减反射膜的最佳减反射参数。 2. 利用TEOS 水解法,通过改变反应前驱体中的氨水的含量,成功制备出粒径 20 nm~100 nm 的硅溶胶,采用提拉法在光伏玻璃基片上制备了SiO2 基多孔减反射膜。 研究结果表明,颗粒粒径约20 nm 的硅溶胶在老化过程中易于团聚成较大的二次颗粒, 利用其合成的多孔SiO2 减反射薄膜结构疏松,减反射效果最佳。镀有该减反射膜玻 璃的峰值透过率在510 nm 处达到99.65%,平均透过率评价参数Tph 约97.84%。 3. 通过向20 nm 粒径的硅溶胶中加入硅烷偶联剂形成有机-无机杂化硅溶胶,利 用这种硅溶胶合成得到的SiO2 薄膜比较致密,具有较高的膜基结合力,其折射率约 1.4,平均透过率Tph 为94.99%。 4. 将多孔SiO2 减反射膜放置于氟硅烷气氛中进行自组装修饰,在SiO2 薄膜表面 形成一层具有良好取向性的氟硅烷自组装层,获得了与水接触角约118.5°的自清洁 减反射薄膜。 5. 以钛酸四正丁酯为前驱体成功制备了氧化钛溶胶,利用这种氧化钛溶胶合成 Click to buy NOW! PDF-XChange Viewer Click to buy NOW! PDF-XChange Viewer 溶胶凝胶法制备光伏减反射膜及其性能研究 ii 的TiO2 薄膜的折射率约1.92。将不同厚度的具有高膜基结合力的SiO2 薄膜和TiO2 薄膜组合,获得了平均透过率Tph 为95.91%的规整SiO2/TiO2 双层减反射膜和平均透 过率Tph 为95.82%的非规整SiO2/TiO2 双层减反射膜。
Other AbstractWorldwide energy shortage and environmental protection pressure have greatly accelerated the progress of photovoltaic technology research. Currently, the research is focused on increasing efficiency, as well as decreasing cost. It is well known that the refraction index of the PV glass used in solar cells is about 1.52, which caused the reflection loss of about 8% when the sunlight transmitted through the PV glass. The reflection loss from the surface of PV glass could be effectively reduced by antireflective coating prepared on it, and hence the output power of solar cell could also be improved. Therefore, the AR-coating prepared on PV glass is of great research and economic significance. In this thesis, the optimal parameters for single and double-layer antireflective coatings on PV glass were obtained based on the theory for designing optical thin film. Susequently, the porous antireflective silica coating, scratch-resistant silica coating and SiO2/TiO2 double-layer antireflective coating with simulated parameters were successfully prepared by sol-gel process. The main contents of this thesis are listed as follows: 1. The optimal parameters of porous antireflective silica coating, scratch-resistant silica coating and SiO2/TiO2 double-layer antireflective coating were obtained according to the evaluation criteria of average transmittance Tph, which was related to the combination of the AM 1.5 solar spectrum and the quantum efficiency of the Si solar cell. 2. The silica sols with particle sizes from 20 nm to 100 nm were prepared by changing ammonia concentration, in this process, tetraethyl silicate was used as the precursor; subsequently, the porous silica antireflective coatings were prepared on PV glass by dip-coating method. The the effect of particle size on the microstructure of sol particles after aging and properties of the porous silica antireflective coating were studied. It was showed that the small silica colloid particles with size ~20 nm would re-unite into large Click to buy NOW! PDF-XChange Viewer Click to buy NOW! PDF-XChange Viewer 溶胶凝胶法制备光伏减反射膜及其性能研究 iv secondary particles during the aging process. The antireflective coating prepared of these secondary particles would have the desired loose structure as well as the best antireflection effect. The peak transmittance of PV glass with the antireflective coating reached 99.65% at 510 nm and the average transmittance was 97.84%. 3. The organic-inorganic hybrid silica sol was prepared by adding silane coupling agent into the silica sol with size of ~20 nm. The silica coatings following prepared were compact and possessed excellent scratch-resistant property, their refractive index and average transmittance were about 1.4 and 94.99%, respectively. 4. The porous silica antireflective coatings were self-assembly modified by subjected to fluorine silane atmosphere. The well-orientated fluorine silane molecular layer was successfully formed on the silica coatings. The contact angle with the water of the modified silica coatings was measured to be ~118.5°, indicating they possessed self-cleaning property. 5. The TiO2 sol was prepared using Tetrabutyl titanate as the precursor, the refractive index of the TiO2 coating prepared based on these TiO2 sols was about 1.92. Furthermore, the SiO2/TiO2 double-layer antireflective coatings were successfully formed by the combination of SiO2 and TiO2 layers with specific layer thicknesses. The average transmittance Tph of the regular SiO2/TiO2 double-layer antireflective coatings was 95.91% and that of the irregular SiO2/TiO2 antireflective coatings was 95.82%.
Document Type学位论文
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GB/T 7714
倪志龙. 溶胶凝胶法制备光伏玻璃减反射膜及其性能研究[D]. 北京. 中国科学院研究生院,2010.
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