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Design and Dynamic Response Analysis of A Flexure-Based Nano-positioning System 会议论文
, JUN 05-07, 2016
Authors:  Wu, Dingbing;  Zhang, Chi;  Yang, Aolei;  Yang, Guilin;  Dong, Liang;  Liu, Qiang;  Chi, Z
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Nano-positioning  Complex Parallel Four-bar Mechanism  Finite Element Analysis  Modal Analysis  
Design and comparison of three-type VCMs for Nano-positioning system 会议论文
, JUN 05-07, 2016
Authors:  Dong, Liang;  Chen, Jinhua;  Zhang, Chi;  Wu, Dingbing;  Yu, Guangwei;  Liu, Qiang;  Chi, Z
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Dual-magnet  Equivalent Magnetic Circuit Method  Fea  Vcm  
Configuration-Independent Kinematics for Modular Mobile Manipulators 会议论文
, AUG 01-03, 2016
Authors:  Wang, Yongchao;  Yang, Guilin;  Liu, Liang;  Yang, GL
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Modular Mobile Manipulators  Kinematics  Assembly Incidence Matrix (Aim)  Local Poe Formula