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Biomedical theranostic Agents Based on Metal Oxide Nanoparticles 会议论文
The 9th International Forum on Post-Genome Technologies (9’IFPT), 深圳, 2013-11-07
Authors:  Wu AG(吴爱国)
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生物基高分子研究进展 会议论文
2013年塑料助剂生产与应用技术信息交流会, 宁波,中国, 2013-11-04
Authors:  朱锦
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Research Progress for Bio-based Polymer Resin Material 会议论文
Joint Research Effort for Sustainable Aviation, 杭州,中国, 2013-10-28
Authors:  Zhu J(朱锦)
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Gadolinium oxide nanocrystal-based autofluorescent composite nanoparticles as T1-weighted contrast agents for early diagnosis of cancer 会议论文
2013 World Congress on Engineering and Technology, 三亚, 2013-10-25
Authors:  Shen ZY(沈折玉)
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Study on Thremal Plastics Laser Transimisson Welding 会议论文
第十五届全国特种加工学术会议论文集(下), 南京, 2013-10-25
Authors:  Jiao JK(焦俊科)
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流变学研究聚丙烯腈/二甲基亚砜溶液中的凝胶现象 会议论文
2013年复杂流体流变学学术研讨会, 合肥,中国, 2013-10-25
Authors:  张若愚
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衣康酸基活性稀释剂的合成及其性能研究 会议论文
2013年全国高分子学术论文报告会, 上海,中国, 2013-10-12
Authors:  马松琪
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Interfacial properties of dendrimer-modified carbon fiber reinforced polypropylene composites 会议论文
全国高分子年会学术会议论文, 2013-10-12
Authors:  Zhang XQ(张笑晴)
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Preparation and Properties of Glass Fiber Reinforced Nylon 6 Composites by Variable Angle Tow Placement 会议论文
全国高分子学术论文会议, 2013-10-12
Authors:  Zhu YD(祝颖丹)
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Trans-scale modelling of thermomechanical properties of continous fiber reinforced polymer composites with flame retardant additives 会议论文
Authors:  Li HZ(李红周)
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