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pH and Temperature Dual-Responsive Plasmonic Switches of Gold Nanoparticle Monolayer Film for Multiple Anticounterfeiting 期刊论文
LANGMUIR, 2018, 卷号: 34, 期号: 43, 页码: 13047-13056
Authors:  Liu, Baoqing;  Lu, Xuefei;  Qiao, Ze;  Song, Liping;  Cheng, Qian;  Zhang, Jiawei;  Zhang, Afang;  Huang, Youju;  Chen, Tao
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Polymer  Interfaces  Chemistry  Nanoplasmonics  Nanostructures  Nanomaterials  Nanospheres  Generation  Nanosheets  Resonance  
Aliovalent Fe(iii)-doped NiO microspheres for enhanced butanol gas sensing properties 期刊论文
DALTON TRANSACTIONS, 2018, 卷号: 47, 期号: 42, 页码: 15181-15188
Authors:  Shang, Wenan;  Wang, Dongting;  Zhang, Bingxue;  Jiang, Chunjie;  Qu, Fengdong;  Yang, Minghui
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Hierarchical Nanostructures  Oxide Nanostructures  Low-temperature  N-butanol  High Response  Yolk-shell  Sensor  Zno  Alpha-fe2o3  Performance  
Plasmon Controlled Shaping of Metal Nanoparticle Aggregates by Femtosecond Laser-Induced Melting 期刊论文
JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY LETTERS, 2018, 卷号: 9, 期号: 17, 页码: 5002-5008
Authors:  Catone, D.;  Ciavardini, A.;  Di Mario, L.;  Paladini, A.;  Toschi, F.;  Cartoni, A.;  Fratoddi, I.;  Venditti, I.;  Alabastri, A.;  Zaccaria, R. Proietti;  O'Keeffe, P.
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Gold Nanoparticles  Photothermal Therapy  Nanorods  Nanostructures  Temperature  Resonances  Excitation  Heat  Size  
Hybrid-State Dynamics of Dye Molecules and Surface Plasmon Polaritons under Ultrastrong Coupling Regime 期刊论文
LASER & PHOTONICS REVIEWS, 2018, 卷号: 12, 期号: 3
Authors:  Wang, Hai;  Wang, Hai-Yu;  Chen, Qi-Dai;  Xu, Huai-Liang;  Sun, Hong-Bo;  Huang, Fangcheng;  Raja, Waseem;  Toma, Andrea;  Zaccaria, Remo Proietti
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Light-matter Interaction  Metallic Nanostructures  Temperature  Microcavity  Excitons  Arrays  
Fried egg-like Au mesostructures grown on poly(4-vinylpyridine) brushes grafted onto graphene oxide 期刊论文
NEW JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY, 2018, 卷号: 42, 期号: 20, 页码: 17016-17020
Authors:  Feng, Lihua;  Wang, Ke;  Li, Ping;  Wang, Wenqin;  Chen, Tao
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Enhanced Raman-scattering  Gold Nanoparticles  Spectroscopy  Nanostructures  Layer  
Thermal stability and oxidation resistance of V-alloyed TiAlN coatings 期刊论文
CERAMICS INTERNATIONAL, 2018, 卷号: 44, 期号: 2, 页码: 1705-1710
Authors:  Xu, Yu X.;  Chen, Li;  Pei, Fei;  Yue, Jian L.;  Du, Yong
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Ti-al-n  Self-organized Nanostructures  Tribological Properties  Elevated-temperatures  Cutting Tools  Performance  Friction  Behavior  Vanadium  System  
Cerium ion intercalated MnO2 nanospheres with high catalytic activity toward oxygen reduction reaction for aluminum-air batteries 期刊论文
ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA, 2018, 卷号: 263, 页码: 544-554
Authors:  Sun, Shanshan;  Xue, Yejian;  Wang, Qin;  Huang, Heran;  Miao, He;  Liu, Zhaoping
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Enhanced Electrocatalytic Activity  Electrochemical Water Oxidation  Manganese Oxide Nanoparticles  Alkaline Media  Reaction Orr  Carbon  Birnessite  Electrode  Nanostructures  Spectroscopy  
Phase-selective synthesis of self-supported RuP films for efficient hydrogen evolution electrocatalysis in alkaline media 期刊论文
NANOSCALE, 2018, 卷号: 10, 期号: 29, 页码: 13930-13935
Authors:  Ge, Ruixiang;  Wang, Shuo;  Su, Jianwei;  Dong, Yan;  Lin, Yichao;  Zhang, Qiuju;  Chen, Liang
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Durable Electrocatalyst  Pt-6 Cluster  Water  Cathode  Arrays  Nanostructures  Nanoparticles  Chemisorption  Oxidation  Catalyst  
Interesting optical variations of the etching of Au Nanobipyramid@Ag Nanorods and its application as a colorful chromogenic substrate for immunoassays 期刊论文
SENSORS AND ACTUATORS B-CHEMICAL, 2018, 卷号: 267, 页码: 502-509
Authors:  Lin, Yi;  Xu, Shaohua;  Yang, Jiao;  Huang, Youju;  Chen, Zhitao;  Qiu, Bin;  Lin, Zhenyu;  Chen, Guonan;  Guo, Longhua
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Squamous-cell Carcinoma  Colorimetric Sensors  Gold Nanorods  Antigen  Immunosensor  Nanostructures  Nanoparticles  Fluorescent  Elisa  Serum  
Template free growth of robustly stable nanophotonic structures: broadband light superabsorbers 期刊论文
Authors:  Wattoo, Abdul Ghafar;  Bagheri, Robabeh;  Ding, Xuefeng;  Zheng, Bizhang;  Liu, Jikang;  Xu, Cheng;  Yang, Lijing;  Song, Zhenlun
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Solar-cells  Absorption Enhancement  Space Applications  Black Absorber  Thin-films  Silicon  Coatings  Plasma  Antireflection  Nanostructures